Dwarves: Ungrim Ironfist, Incarnate of Fire

After drawing my Fire Slayer earlier on this week, I rediscovered my love of the Ungrim model, and his expanded fluff in both the Gotrek and Felix books and the End Times. As you may know, he became the Incarnate of Fire over the course of that world-ending event, and I’d absolutely LOVE to have a model of him with that awesome flame hair.

So I tried sketching out a little set of expansions for him, probably to be modelled on with green stuff. The model I’ve got lying around is missing half his cloak of scales, so he’lll need a bit of rebuilding work.

Ungrim Ironfist

Conversion Possibilities

  • Extend legs to same height as current Dwarves
  • Crown a dark gold/bronze against bright orange of his flame-engulfed hair.
  • Armour scales vary from a hot, but dark, red at his centre of mass to scorched black at his hands.
  • Fire in his eyes
  • Rebuild cloak of dragon scales, an untouched dark green sweeping behind and around him

Inspiration from the End Times books

Dwarves: Ungrim Ironfist, Incarnate of Fire
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