Dwarves: The Fire Slayer

With the recent rumours of the new Fyreslayer models, I tried my hand at drawing a Dwarf Slayer. I’ve been a huge fan of the stunties since I read Gotrek and Felix as a boy. Actually, recently I’ve re-read the entire series, and they are STILL fantastic. Yeah, there are a few less-than-great ones, but they wrapped it up well with Kinslayer and Slayer. The twists at the end are WELL worth the wait.

My interpretation of the concept is a classic Slayer who has channelled the rage of Ungrim Ironfist, Incarnate of Fire into a molten heat emerging from his hand. So I’ve tried to show a burning of his skin, as the flames escape his palm.

2015-10-10 Slayer

Hope you like it!

Dwarves: The Fire Slayer
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