Deathwatch: You want me to put the hammer down?!

While looking through the new Deathwatch parts, there were some components that just SPOKE to me, the parts that really inspire and push quotes to the front of your mind. The Heavy Thunder Hammer in the Deathwatch Veterans box was one of those, where the title’s Avengers quote jumped out at me.


I then HAD to build myself a Thor-like Deathwatch character, and I rummaged through my bits box for parts. Of course, he HAD to have a cape, and the DW Veterans had the perfect part, but needed a bit of trimming around the collar and the belt to fit the Command Squad torso front I had lying around. Handily, this allows me to use all 6 torsos in the DW box, and some sprinting legs from the Vanguard Veterans box get some much needed motion into the miniature. It should be noted that the collars of the torso pieces has a gap that needed filling with plasticard, and I refer you back to last week’s comment: cut a bigger piece that fits the gap, then shave down! So much easier.


Now, the head was a tough choice for me, as I felt that Thor should have a bare, bearded head, like the movies, but I feel Space Marines running into battle without head protection is rather stupid. So I tried the bearded head, which you can see below, but ultimately my mate Hades and everyone else voted for the helmet.


And what a helmet it is! I’m so happy I found a pair of Dark Angel head-wings lying around the box, as they really work to increase his profile and add character. My favourite little detail on his model is actually the drinking horn attached behind his power pack, which I made from an old Night Goblin bow, from the early 2000’s.

Additionally, I had a look around to find a suitable Chapter for him to hail from, and there is no real Asgardian-themed Chapter separate from the Space Wolves. Actually, an additional, if slightly broken, resource is here. I am…not a fan of Space Wolves, so decided to make him a Blackshield, and after the pictures you’ll find a little fluff.

“Thor”, Blackshield

“The Blackshield known only as Thor appeared at the steps of the Watch Fortress alone and unarmed, his armour pitch black aside from deep red stains along his knuckles. According to the ancient rites of the Deathwatch, he was granted audience with the Watch Master, who evidently deemed him worthy to bear arms in the name of the Deathwatch. Unlike other Blackshield members, who tend to be reclusive even amongst the myriad member of the Watch, Thor was outspoken, finding his place at the centre of the canteens, swigging regularly from his drinking horn and regaling serfs and veterans alike with stories of his monster-hunting prowess. Strangely enough, none have ever seen him fill his horn, and no details that may reveal his origins are ever revealed, so it is thought by some in the Watch that his boisterous arrogance is only an act. Nevertheless, his abilities on the battlefield deserve such vigorous retelling, his speed and brute force with his hammer truly legendary.”

Hope you like this all guys!

Deathwatch: You want me to put the hammer down?!
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