The new and improved Deathwatch

With the release of Deathwatch Overkill, my fears have truly been realised: I want to start another small army! I have always found the Deathwatch a very cool idea, and would love to play an RPG from FFG, if only I could find anyone to play with. The new models are gorgeous, with the Artemis-style pads and each one of their armours personalised to them, and the idea of each of them as a mini-character is too great to resist.

Rules-wise, each of the Space Marines seems to fit with their chapter, and have the same stats as a veteran sergeant for a particular unit. Donatus is a Sternguard Veteran, with Ultramarines chapter tactics. Gydrael follows the Dark Angel rules, and is basically a Company Champion. Cassius is just a restricted Ultramarines chaplain.

In fact, the only ones who stay further from the established rules are the librarian, Natorian, who is restricted to Biomancy, and the terminator, Branatar. And even then, the differences are only minor.

So my personal prediction for the final ruleset of the Deathwatch, when they inevitably come out with a codex, will be each model taking on the stat line of a veteran sergeant, with a limited points allowance of special weaponry. Once I worked this out, I’ve shimmied my way to a casual ruleset for expanding the Deathwatch, and I’m sure if I play a game my opponent won’t mind.

With that said, I started building a new member of the Deathwatch, of the Crimson Fists. An Ork-hating chapter like the Fists would be more than happy to send veterans off to serve in the Watch, and of course would send him with the best power fist they could find!

Crimson Fist (1)

I started with an old Rogue Trader power fist that I found in a bits box I ordered once, and coupled it with a Rogue Trader beaky helm, before realising I was building a homage to this old Rogue Trader cover. I’m just waiting to see whether the new models come with any unattached pauldrons before getting any further…

The new and improved Deathwatch
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