Deathwatch: the Ancient has been recovered

Today sees a return to the Deathwatch, using a bunch of parts to make my first alterable model!

Ever since the Shield of Baal: Deathstorm box, I’ve had the parts for a Blood Angels Furioso or Librarian Dreadnought, and wanted to use the arms for something cool. I was thinking of adding the claws as a secondary set of arms for the Cult Knight, but with the new Deathwatch Codex, I’ve had some serious inspiration.

So with the Death Masque boxset in hand, I now have a Venerable Dreadnought to use in conversion materials. The plan: build myself a Deathwatch Dreadnought, that has a variety of specialised equipment. Unfortunately the codex only allows for standard equipment…but…I don’t play games so it’s time to get creative!

I’m not sure what to do with a colour scheme just yet, whether black with a silver left arm or all-silver, like this guy below, from the Deathwatch Rulebook by FFG:


When I counted them, there were enough arms between the sets to build 8 arms with 3 left, 5 right. Then I had a look at what the parts I had around, and an idea struck me! So, welcome to a mini-guide on how to build my own version of a Custodes-type spear for a Dreadnought chassis!!!

I envision my Dreadnought as an ex-Watch Master, his only concern the destruction of Xenos, but when he was whole he was honoured by the Adeptus Custodes with the awarding of a Custodes spear. When he fell, his resident Master of the Forge was given permission to build a custom weapon along the lines of the iconic halberd.

I built the weapon from a Librarian Force Spear from the BA Dread, with the under-slung meltagun from the Furioso Lightning Claws. A few slices and a little filing separated the parts I didn’t want, then I attached the meltagun body to the spear head. Reattaching the barrel was awkward, just tying to make sure the barrel was straight along the blade. I also moved the melta tank back along its body, to fit the weapon, then used an old small wheel from a Humbrol kit to create a circular connector between the melta and the spear. Finally, I reattached the spear haft to the white wheel, and encased the whole spear within the relevant arm. Here are some pictures:

So, now that the signature weapon was complete, I built the rest of the weapons pretty much as standard. I did have to remove a few Blood Angels icons, as I want to leave the Chapter a mystery. I realise in retrospect I should have worked out the magnetisation before gluing, but I’ll sort that out another time.

The body of the dreadnought is mostly built as standard from the Venerable box, but I decided to include the magnetic clamps specific to the Furioso Dread, and it makes sense to me that the Deathwatch would have such advanced technology. You may notice there is a bit of a cut beneath the clamps, as I had to fit the arched head compartment in, and I will need to fill this up somehow. Also, I’m not sure how, but the engine parts seemed to have a load of space that needed plasticard filling, no idea how that came about!

Finally, I have a few pictures of the Dreadnought with some weapons options, which I hope will show sort of what I want to do with this. He will be standing on a bit of broken Tyranid, and all but his arms will be glued on.

I don’t have any fluff for this guy just yet, but I may edit and update this post if I do think of some.

Deathwatch: the Ancient has been recovered
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