Deathwatch: a simple but sturdy partnership

Today’s post will be a little shorter, as I’ve been building a couple of Deathwatch models pretty much from the box. I like myself a good conversion, but the detail on these models makes it hard for me to change them too much…the first time round. I may still add a few extra pieces to the models before painting, but if I pick up another box, that is where I’ll make a good amount of conversions.


Now, I’m just going to add a little fluff for these guys, with a bit of background, before their galleries.


Karron Corvohir, Death Spectre

The Death Spectres are a Chapter dedicated to protecting the Imperium’s borders around the Ghoul Stars, where supernatural Xenos isolate cold, dead worlds from the Imperium’s grasp. They are the ever-vigilant bulwark against Xenos threats so bizarre that conventional weapons are ineffective. The Chapter hides many secrets, with perhaps the greatest being their reliance on an alien artefact called the Shariax, with which they can contain the menaces of the Ghoul Stars. 

Brother-Sergeant Karron Corvohir once held the rank of Terrorblade within the Command Squad of his company, his skill with a sword legendary, and while fighting Hive Fleet Jormungandr his ability was truly put to the test. Tyranid Warriors with deadly boneswords swamped him in a savage assault, and only by keeping up a tempest of parries was he able to withstand their attack, before his foes lay sliced cleanly at his feet. He resisted the secondment to the Deathwatch, as he felt his duty required him at the Ghoul Stars, but ultimately he joined the black order. Here he continued to excel with a blade, and took up the use of a xenophase sword, as his Chapter had taught him to use the worst weapons of the Xenos against them.

Gorae Fylan, Brazen Claw

A stout member of the Brazen Claws, Brother Fylan exemplifies the cold, calculating nature that characterises Successor Chapters of the Iron Hands. The Brazen Claws are a storied Chapter, but two major events dominate their recent history. A Chaos Daemon invasion ruined their homeworld and took a terrible toll upon the Chapter, which was followed by a crusade into the Eye of Terror for the majority of the Brazen Claws.

But Fylan made his name as a Xenos hunter on the world of Shemnoch, where the Brazen Claws accompanied their progenitor Chapter in the eradication of a Necron Tomb Dynasty hidden on the planet. A former member of the Assault Company, Fylan was part of the exploration teams who inexorably advanced down dusty corridors through the dead metal of Necron corpses. Wraiths and Warriors, Lychguard and Flayed Ones, none could stop Fylan’s purposeful tread as he smashed metal bodies asunder with his power maul.

As a member of the Deathwatch, Fylan acts as the communication hub of the team, his implants allowing him to link members while he himself presses forward behind his storm shield. Nothing stands in his way for long, and his Necron-hunting experience has prepared him for the tricks of that vile Xenos species.

Deathwatch: a simple but sturdy partnership
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